The Platform

The Platform


After years of work in the community in many areas including Education, Land Use, Quality of Life, Gangs and Crime and the Environment, three issues have been constant.

No matter what the challenge, the three areas lacking in the process to address the issue and achieve a resolution, are transparency, accountability and empowerment.

Simple but vital;

Transparency: Where is your tax dollar being spent?

Accountability: Are you getting your money’s worth?

Empowerment: Who can do a better job and how can we help them to do it?

This platform may seem simplistic and naïve, but look around you. The current Budget of Los Angeles is 7.1 Billion dollars and that does not included the Harbor, Airport or DWP

We do not have a funding problem, we have a priority problem. With out Transparency, Accountability and Empowerment, the City is going to continue to fail you.

You deserve the best that the city can provide; it is your right and their responsibility!

David Hernandez
Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles


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