No on Prop B

Prop B is to Solar Energy,

What Prop R was to Ethics Reform.


Maybe that’s because the same folks are involved in both!


(Both created by special interest-both bypassed City Commissions-both rushed to the ballot by City Council members without real

Community review)


Don’t let the triple you DWP Rates!


Do you really believe the Mayor and City Council should be in charge of your DWP Bill?


Hidden in the fine print:

Prop B

 Gives (charter change) the city council control over the DWP without having to ask for your vote to raise fees!


Forces all work to be done by one City (IBEW) Union!

(No competitive bidding)


Imports the Solar Panels from China!

(No local manufacturing)


Solar yes-Prop B no


Because Solar is too important to let City Hall blow it!


Join David Hernandez, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles and Community Leaders from San Pedro to Sylmar and

Pull the plug on Prop B.


Just how mad are you?

Well, that may not be mad enough!

Spread the word; carry the message and

Vote No on Prop B!


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