Executive Directors Club

Good evening my friends and supporters,


 I was advised that I have qualified to appear on the March 2009 ballot for Mayor of Los Angeles.


I am well aware of the monumental task at hand and the amount of effort and resources we will need to present a viable challenge.


We have fought many battles and have taken on challenges in the face of overwhelming odds. In spite of the opposition, our causes have been just and we who choose to live in Los Angeles have a duty to stand up and fight.


I have refrained from raising funds until it was certain I would be on the ballot. Thank you to those who have sent in contributions to date.


The time has come to launch the campaign and aggressively take a pro active role in fundraising.


The objective is to raise the funds needed to launch the web site, produce the printed material and secure two offices with staff.


The committee is in place and contributions can be sent to: Committee to Elect David Hernandez for Mayor PO Box 9158, North Hollywood, CA 91609. The ID number is 1312393.


Contributions are not tax deductible but vital.


I have formed the “Executive Directors Circle”. These are individuals and or businesses who contribute the maxim contribution of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). My goal is to have 100 EDC members by the end of January 2009. There will be a special event invitation to each EDC member which will take place in early February.


If you would like to be a member of the Financial Committee and pledge to raise one thousand dollars by the end of January 2009, you will also qualify for the EDC and will be invited to attend the special event.


Thank You for your continued confidence and support.


David Hernandez

Official Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles




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