CCW Board

CCW Board of Compliance and Permit Issuance


Keith Hardine

Leslie Easterbrook

Oscar Mendoza

John Mitchel

Jane Barnet

Proposed Charter Amendment

CCW License

Carry Concealed Weapon

This Charter Amendment shall provide for a policy and procedure for the obtaining of Carry Concealed Weapon Licenses for the residents of Los Angeles.

The Charter of the City of Los Angeles shall prohibit it elected officials, appointed representatives, and or commissioners from impeding the issuance of permits to carry concealed firearms to those citizens legally entitled to do so.

This Charter Amendment shall rescind any and all ordinances, policies and procedures currently in place that are counterproductive to the right of the people to “Bear Arms”.

The City of Los Angeles shall adhere to nationally recognized guidelines when approving and or denying such permits. In no instance shall any guidelines be instated in an attempt to impede or prohibit the issuance of such permits to those entitled to receive them.

The City shall be required to establish its criteria within six months of the passage of said charter amendment.

The City shall as part of its issuing process, track and monitor the adherence to the Charter Amendment and where warranted take action to insure it is being exercised within the scope and spirit of the Amendment.

The Charter Amendment shall be voted upon but registered voters in the City of Los Angeles and shall become effective upon a simple majority voting in the affirmative.



One response to “CCW Board

  1. About time some common sense was applied to this issue. The fear-mongering of Chief Bratton combined with his misleading stats on crime have to be exposed.
    I suppose the real test is a series of questions – do you feel safe on the streets of L.A. ?
    Are there areas of the city you avoid due to fear?
    Do you walk on the street at night without apprehension when you see strangers approaching?

    New York & Washington DC have had anti-gun laws on the books since the 1800’s, yet there are millions of guns in the hands of criminals, who by definition ignore the law.

    The time for responsible, law-abiding citizens to demand recognition of their right to bear arms has come.
    We spend time, money and resources providing illegal aliens with all the services they claim as a right, with no apparent regard for the rights of our legal citizens.

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