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David Hernandez for Mayor

Position Statement Animal Issues



The residents of Los Angeles have demonstrated that a humane and compassionate solution is necessary when dealing with animal control issues. Whether as residents of Los Angeles or as those entrusted to design and implement policies and procedures, it is clear that our course of action requires compassion, dedication and focus.


The Department of Animal Services is charged with many duties related to how, we as a society regulate, care for and yes dispose of thousands of dogs and cats each year. In addition to the paid staff, there are a wealth of individual volunteers and rescue groups which are vital partners with the department. Working together and focused on humane treatment we can develop a workable strategy that will address short term, intermediate and long term objectives.


The result of such an efforts will bring two positive returns:  thousands of healthy dogs and cats will be allowed to live and provide companionship to those who will most benefit, and the money needed to sustain the animal care system would be reduced and return a sizeable financial dividend to tax payers.


Attending several workshops and lectures on the “No Kill” system of dealing with the animal control issue convinced me that this is a viable and proven system that has achieved the desired results in other large cities. As I have observed in many other areas involving the City of Los Angeles, a policy change can and will bring about many of the desired results.


As Mayor of Los Angeles, I will move forward and bring to Los Angeles the No Kill system and recruit Mr. Nathan Winograd to not only design and establish policy for shelter animals, but to also assist in establishing a Rescue Group Task Force.  This system will best utilize the resources provided by rescue groups as well as establish a policy by which the Department can empower these groups to maximize their efforts.




One response to “Animal Services

  1. A clear and focused plan to achieve a No Kill system will not only save lives but will save the City of Los Angeles money.

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