Time to Rock and Roll-engage and kick in!

Much has been reported about the current Mayor’s record and the millions of dollars he has raised for his 2009 campaign. It is also being reported that there is no real competition based on the funds he has raised and the fact that a Billionaire Developer is not going to run for the seat.


The Mayor’s campaign staff has stated the money raised by the Mayor will be used to promote his record.


Well, here is my record. I do not have millions in the bank, but have millions of reasons to run, all of which includes you!


All of my efforts have only been possible due to your support, confidence, leg work and funding. I know who the real hero’s are and so do you.


Here is my record; look it over and if you believe we would continue to be a good team, then I ask that you take action now. Here is a list of things you can do.


1. Forward this e-mail on to your e-mail groups.


 2. Host a meeting/coffee for me to come and meet your family, friends and businesses associates.


3. Make a contribution (max $1000.00 per person) and send it to Committee to Elect David Hernandez for Mayor PO Box 9158, North Hollywood, CA 91609. ID# 1312393

Contributions are not tax deductible but vital.


I have agreed to participate in the City’s “matching funds” program. They city will match the funds I raise once I reach the qualification amount of $150,000. Once the amount is reached the City will issue the first check in that amount. The maximum amount they will match is $667,000.


In Your corner,


David Hernandez, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles

Web site under construction: www.dave4la.com





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