Monthly Archives: September 2008


After careful consideration, receiving the support from my wife and community leaders, I have made the decision to run for Mayor of Los Angeles.

With the Prop R Legal Challenge winding down and the campaign for my friend Ted Hayes less than 30 days from being complete, I will now focus on the task at hand.

Fundraising  will begin the week of October 20th. I look forward to addressing many issues facing the residents of Los Angeles.

The Challenges are great but so are the community leaders who have for many years dedicated their time, money and passion to improving our City.

As an active member in the Neighborhood Council System from Sun Valley to Glassell Park, I am fully aware of the challenges which are faced throughout the City.

If you would like to be a part of this effort, contact me at

 Thank You,

 David Hernandez

Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles